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Last Minute Videography, Technical Services, and Video Production Assistance


Welcome to CGJ Media.

We are the fire department for videography in that if you need to have something recorded immediately, we'll be there for you within a few hours (instead of having you book days or weeks in advance).

Additionally, just like the fire department responds when you're having trouble medically, CGJ Media can respond when you have trouble figuring out how to use your cell phone, computer, TV, or any other electronic device.

Lastly, we also go on calls to help other video professionals (YouTubers, vloggers, filmmakers, production companies) with whatever they might need.

We are ready to respond at a moments notice for anyone who needs our services, just like the fire department.


Call us at (909) 486-0544
or email us at

We will try to arrive as soon as possible depending on the location and other clients.