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About CGJ Media


My name is Chandler Bom.

I've been a camera / jib operator and editor at the Loma Linda University Church for about 5 years.

I have an extreme passion for videography and the art of camera operation.

I started CGJ Media about 2 years ago.

(I've always had the mindset of a firefighter in that I wanted to help people when and where they needed help.)

So meanwhile, I considered pursuing a career in firefighting. After a lot of thought however,

I decided that it wasn't the right career for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love everything about firefighting; The equipment, the clothing, always being ready at a moment's notice to help someone in need. The only thing that wasn't a fit was that the job is just too physically demanding.

After that point, I had an idea. Why not combine the firefighter mindset and lifestyle with videography. That means being ready at a moment's notice for people who need any of my services immediately.

Furthermore, I took it a step further. I thought; firefighters don't just fight fires, they also help people when they have trouble medically. So in that same spirit, I don't just do videography, I also help people when they have trouble figuring out how to use their electronics.

Lastly, much like firefighters are there to help each other out, I'm here to help out other video professionals with anything they need.


Call us at (909) 486-0544
or email us at

We will try to arrive as soon as possible depending on the location and other clients.